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Free Shipping. 1-year warranty. Support pick up

AGT 13.5HP, 1-Ton B&S Engine Mini Compact Excavator Micro Crawler Digger, Gasoline For Sale Chicago Stock| AGT-H12

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  • You need a forklift to unload this machine, if you don't have a forklift, rent one or choose the place with the loading dock.
  • You can also pick it up at the Freight near your place, and use a trailer to ship to your working place ! 
  • This model is H12 and it's Equipped with a thumb bucket.
  • Provide one-year warranty. After warranty, as the manufacturer, we can provide all parts with this machine.
  • We ship from our Chicago warehouse. Or you can pick it up.
  •  Product Manual
  • Youtube working video
  • Fan Install on our Agrotk H12 (or QH12, QS12R): click here
  • Switching control pattens from ISO to SAE: click here

 Looking for a powerful mini excavator at an unbeatable price? Look no further than the Agrotk 1-ton mini excavator, available exclusively on our online store!

At Agrotk, we're committed to providing our customers with the best possible value, which is why we're offering our AGT 1-ton H12 mini excavator for just $5899.

Technical Data:

  • Hydraulic oil: ISO 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil
  • Motor oil: 10w-40 motor oil (-25°C-40°C) or 15w-40 motor oil
  • Width of Original bucket: 15 "
  • Bucket capacity: 0.03 m^3
  • lift capacity: 100 kg


  • Designed for small and medium-sized projects: With a compact design, 1-ton operating weight, and a maximum digging depth of 5.41 feet, AGT Mini Excavator has a compact and reliable design that ensures easy maneuverability in small areas such as farms, gardens, public spaces, parks, orchards, and farms.
  • Simplified Safety and Maintenance: Our mini excavators increase safety with internal hydraulic hoses to ensure a lower risk of damage. Rear-opening compartments provide easy access to critical components, minimizing downtime and maximizing optimal operational performance.

Here are some common application scenarios of small excavators:

  1. Construction sites: they can be used for digging foundations, excavating foundations, clearing construction debris, moving materials and equipment, etc. Due to their compact size and flexibility, small excavators are especially suitable for narrow construction sites or limited space.
  2. Agriculture: they can be used for digging irrigation channels, preparing land, planting crops, clearing farmland, moving agricultural products, etc.
  3. Gardening and landscaping: they can be used for digging ponds and pools, laying pipes and irrigation systems, transplanting plants, tidying up lawns and more.
  4. Mines and Quarries: Mini excavators are widely used in mines and quarries. They can be used to excavate ore, rock and soil, load and carry materials, create access roads and more.

These are just some of the common application scenarios for mini excavators, and they can actually be useful in many other areas, properly configured and operated according to specific needs.


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