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Ratchet Chain Binders 5/16'' - 3/8‘’ for for Tie Down Hauling Towing

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1. Powder coated red ratchet load binder, 5/16-3/8 2T Ratchet Load Binder 2T
2. Drop forged binder chain hooks;
3. Durability: Heavy duty grade 80 transport chain for superior tensile strength;
4. 8# chain 6 meters with double hooks 2 tons (G80 chain 8#*6 with 2 5/16 grapple hooks) 
5. Use: transport and fix large equipment & For use with ratchet tight rigging


Technical Data:

  1. Shipping Dimension: 16.93"x16.93"x8.27"
  2. Shipping Weight: 105.82Lbs
  3. Ratchet tight rigging 5/16-3/8 2 tons:4.34KG / 9.57LBS (Piece weight) 8# chain 6 meters with double hooks 2 tons (G80 chain 8#*6 with 2 5/16 grapple hooks):8.98KG / 19.80LBS(Piece weight)

Using Tips:

  • First, turn the pawl to the neutral position so that it is disengaged from the binder gears.
  • Use your hand to unscrew and fully extend the binder hooks. Be sure that you do not exceed the maximun extension length.
  • With your chain connected to the load at a 45 degree angle, attach the binder hooks to the chain while taking up as much slack as possible.
  • Turn the pawl to the 'in' setting and begin ratcheting the chain to the desired tension needed.
  • Wrap any remaining loose chain around the binder and use the zip tie to secure it into place.
  • To remove the binder, unwrap the chain, turn the pawl to the 'out' setting, and begin ratcheting the binder until the chain becomes slack and the binder hooks can be removed from the chain.