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8HP 3'' Gas Powered Water Pump | AGT-WP30

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1. High quality and compression resistance

2. A maximum flow rate of 60m³/h

3. Suitable for agricultural irrigation, drainage and flood resistance, tunnel drainage, etc.

    Product Description:

    1. The lightweight and durable steel frame along with this unit’s compact design make it convenient to store your pump until the next time you need it.

    2. 60m³ per hour maximum delivery can work more efficiently.

    3. Our Water Transfer Pump is designed to handle the toughest jobs. Use to drain a pool in no time, empty a flooded basement, pump out a flooded trench, fill or empty a water storage tank or reservoir, irrigate a field, hose down a construction site, and more. 


    Model: WP30
    Inlet & Outlet Size: 3.14 inch
    Fuel Type: Gasoline
    Head: 30M 1.18 inch
    Suction: 8M 0.31 inch
    Flux: 60 m³/H
    Engine Type: BS170F
    Power: 8.0HP
    Speed: 3600 RPM

    Package Dimension:

    • Length: 20.47in
    • Width: 15.74in
    • Height: 16.73in
    • Weight: 70.54lbs