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7 HP 212cc Gas Powered Mini Wood Chipper For Sale | AGT-BX52G

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1. BX wood shredders are available in three categories with and without hydraulic feeding system.  

2. BX52G is a powerful and robust but easy to handle wood chipper for wood diameter of up to 5inch. 

3. The BX52G wood shredder comes with a free PTO shaft. To get maximum performance your wood shredder, your tractor should have at least 30HP and a PTO shaft speed of 540 RPM.


  • Heavy duty rotor and replaceable rotor shaft: The durable rotor is 143 lbs and 2D/3D inch thick. All of our chipper rotors are precisely electrically balanced. The direct PTO drive system turns the well-balanced 143 lbs rotor inside the wood chipper. The rotor shaft is separately replaceable. The rotor is directly driven by the PTO shaft which is included in the shipmentA8-tooling-steel knife: It's with four 8.2 inch length knives from hardened A8-tooling-steel. The rotor knife is reversible.
  • Perfect chipping performance: The fast turning knife rotor cuts the wood about 35 times per second, which pulls in the material. The newly designed counter knife setting of the wood shredder allows a precise 0 - 0.2 inch distance setting to the rotor knives and creates shredded material from 0.7 to 1.5 inch in size.
  • A good design is aerodynamic: The high rotor speed and the specially designed rotor winglets create an air suction inside the wood shredder, which throws out the shredded material and makes wood jams virtually impossible.
  • Branch beaker: The rotor housing is equipped with replaceable branch breakers that will reliably reduce the size of very thin branches with less than 5mm diameter.
  • Compatible for 1000RPM PTO: For difficult materials like bamboo, willow or pine tree branches you can even use 1000 rpm PTO speed for a limited time as all of our machines use well-balanced rotors in the wood chipper that can be run at this speed.
  • Efficient shredding capacity: The wood chipper discharge funnel is located in 72 inch height and can be turned by 230° with an adjustable throwing angle. The shredded material can be thrown up to 6 meters in distance, making it easy to fill trailers or containers. The shredding capacity is 6 - 7 m3/h depending on the type of wood.
  • Easy maintenance: The BX52G is designed for easy maintenance. The rotor cover can be opened by removing only one screw to get access to the knives.
  • Folding feeding chute: For easy transportation and convenient storage, the input chute can be lifted up and secured by a pin.


  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 54x58x72inch
  • Total weight: 452lbs
  • 3-point hitch: CAT I
  • PTO shaft RPM: 540 RPM (1000 temp possible)
  • Length of PTO shaft: 27inch
  • Drive system: direct drive
  • Tractor engine power recommended: 18-50hp / 13-37kw
  • Power needed for max. performance: 30-40hp
  • Rotor diameter: 23inch
  • Rotor width: 0.63inch + winglets
  • Rotor weight: 143lbs