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6.5 HP Jumping Jack Tamping Rammers Compactor | AGT-RM80

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Cheap Jumping Jack Tamping Rammers Compactor for sale only costs $1330.

Compaction of cohesive and granular soils


The Vibratory Tamping Rammers are designed for tough rammer applications in confined areas, trench work, backfill, and repairing work on asphalt.

The lightweight design and compaction depth of up to 26” with a 13” x 11-7/8” ramming plate make this tamping rammer a must-have tool for anyone working on asphalt or trench work.

Technical Data

 Depth capacity up to 26”
Engine Loncin LC168F-2H 6.5HP (EPA)
Engine power 6.5 hp
Impact force 1000 N
Tamping force 2250lbs
Frequency 450-650 VPM
Jumping height 2.5''
Plate size 13.5'' x 11.25''
Impact depth 18''