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Free Shipping. 1-year warranty. Support pick up

72 '' Heavy Duty Skid Steer Brush Cutter, 4 blade | AGT-HFRC72

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Be sure to fill the gearbox before use: use a funnel and top up with the appropriate gear oil until Oil level line.


Please cotact us for the extra tax if you want to ship to Canada ! (usually $400-600)



  • Requires a case drain
  • 5"-12" cut capacity, 4 solid blade it can cut bushes and branches !
  • 1/4’’ deck with sides reinforced with 3/8’’ AR400
  • 4x bi-directional blades made with 5/8” AR400
  • 1/2″ double round blade holder

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Gear oil: 80W-90 gear lubricant


    General Tips for Safety

    1. Choose your season. The best time to use a brush cutter is in late fall or early winter when vegetation is reduced and visibility is improved.
    2. Wait for a dry day. For best performance and safety, cut during dry conditions and during daylight.
    3. Inspect the site. Mark or remove any hidden obstacles, including rocks. Gauge the thickness of any saplings you may have to cut in relation to the capabilities of the machine (as described in the manual) and the blade you’re using.
    4. Clear the area. Keep people and pets away from the area you intend to clear. If your brush cutter has a deflector, use it.