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AGT-SGR650 | 6.5hp Gas Engine Small Stump Grinder

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  • 420 cc / 6.5hp 4 stroke OHV RATO engine 
  • Emergency stop button on the handle
  • remove large tree stumps up to three feet (90cm) diameter and up to 56cm high (above ground) 
  • The cutting wheel has 8 replaceable teeth


  This Grinder is an extremely powerful stump grinder powered by a commercial grade 420 cc / 6.5hp 4 stroke OHV RATO engine with low oil level protection. The grinder is capable of removing the toughest and most awkward tree stumps with minimal effort. The power is delivered to the stump cutting wheel via a centrifugal clutch and twin poly-V drive belts. The belts are easily adjusted by loosening the engine bolts and rotating the belt adjuster. Weighing 110 kg, the Grinder is easy to manoeuvre due to its large adjustable handlebars and heavy duty pneumatic tyres that allow you to cover rough ground. There is an Emergency stop button on the handle and also a 'deadman' stop feature which has a stretch cable clipped to your belt. When you step away from the machine, the kill switch is activated.

  Built to make tough tree stump clearing faster and less demanding, the grinder can remove large tree stumps up to three feet (90 cm) diameter and up to 56 cm high (above ground) down to 33 cm below ground. Fitted with a handbrake that locks the left wheel into place, allowing the machine to pivot at this point for a sweeping cutting motion. The left wheel handbrake and engine throttle are controlled directly from the handlebars for maximum comfort and control. The cutting area is well shrouded to protect the operator against flying woodchips. Suitable for professional garden maintenance and DIY enthusiasts, the grinder ensures you will never struggle with back breaking and time consuming stump removal again, like digging by hand, tractor pulling, burning or chemicals. Tree stumps when not removed can damage lawn mowers and are a breeding ground for bugs and insects if not removed properly. The cutting wheel has 8 replaceable teeth, tipped with mining-grade tungsten carbide, which is 10 times harder than steel and can pulverize any type of wood into woodchips within seconds. 

Dimensions (L / W / H) - 1060 x 800 x 580 mm