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Excavator Hydraulic Pulverizer, Depth:39’’ | AGT-HPL2400

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Technical Data

Package information

Shipping Dimension: 76.77’’ x 31.49’’ x 54.33’’
Shipping Weight: 3527.39 lbs


Technical information

Item/Model Unit Unit HPL2400
Suitable excavator Ton 35
Weight kg 2600
Opening mm 980
Depth mm 1210
Height mm 3100
Width mm 680
Length mm 1960
Rated Pressure kg/cm' 320
Rated Flux L/min 240
Crushing Force (Middle ) ton 110
(Tip) ton 90
Cycle Time (Open) sec 18
(Close) sec 22



1. This type of pulverizer, which contains a hydraulic system inside which makes it conceived as the first and foremost for demolition of concrete and rebar, is the enhanced version of the mechanical type.

2. Hydraulic pulverizer is composed of a body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw, and fixed jaw.

3. The external hydraulic system offers hydraulic pressure for the hydraulic cylinder to make the movable jaw and fixed jaw open and close to achieve the effect of crushing objects.


Characteristic: Hydraulic pulverizer is the most reliable and effective tool for primary demolition and recycling of reinforced concrete structures. It’s also ideal for secondary demolition, size reduction, and separation of rebar from concrete.

Applications: Due to its ability for demolishing and recycling concrete material which could be applied in a wide range of industry fields such as construction works, this type of excavator equipment can be used for both primary and secondary demolition projects.