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Free Shipping. 1-year warranty. Support pick up

AGT 13.5HP 1-ton Mini & Small Excavator More Comfortable, 2116 pounds With Enclosed Cab Gasoline For Sale | AGT-QH13R

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  • You need a forklift to unload this machine, if you don't have a forklift, rent one or use a trailer to unload the excavator at the closest Freight location.
  • You can pick it up at the Freight near your place, and use a trailer to ship to your working place !
  • Fully assembled and with cab.
  • Provide one-year warranty. After warranty, as the manufacturer, we can provide all parts with this machine.

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At Agrotk, we're committed to providing our customers with the best possible value, which is why we're offering our Agrotk 1-ton mini excavator with cab for just $7550.

It is ideal for tight spaces and its enclosed cab provides added comfort and protection.


QH13R small excavators have the following advantages:

  1. The cab provides a better operating environment: excavators with cabs provide a closed driving space compared to open excavators, which effectively reduces the impact of noise, dust and other environmental factors on the driver. This makes the operator more comfortable during long hours of operation.
  2. Provides better visibility and safety: cabs are often designed with large front windshields and side windows that provide better visibility, enabling the operator to see the surroundings and work area more clearly. In addition, cabs can provide additional safety features such as protective doors, seat belts and emergency escape windows for improved operator safety.
  3. Suitable for complex working environments: Excavators with cabs are suitable for a variety of complex working environments, such as building sites, road construction, mines and farmland. Their compact design makes them easier to access tight spaces and crowded job sites, while providing better flexibility and maneuverability.

Technical Data:

Working Weight(kg):                            960kg

Bucket capacity(m³):                            0.03m³

Climbing ability(%):                               30%

Travel speed low/high speed(Km/h):  0-1.8

Hydraulic system:

Main pump type/model:                                 gear pump/06
Rated set pressure (Mpa):                              16
Multi-way valve:                                              8 joint multi-way valve
Travel hydraulic motor type:                           BM6-315
Rotary hydraulic motor type:                          BM2-315

Maximum flow rate of main pump (L/min):  21.6

Basic Performance Parameters:

Maximum Digging Height(mm): 2560

Maximum Unloading Height(mm): 1800

Maximum Digging Depth(mm): 1693

Max. digging radius(mm): 3060

Overall Length(mm): 2925

Overall Height(mm): 2422

Overall Width(mm): 958

Bulldozer Width/Height: 907/400


Engine Brand: RATO

Engine Model: R420D

Max. power(Kw): 9.7

Max. speed(rpm): 3600

Cylinders: 1

Cooling method: fan cooling

Engine oil change quantity(L): 1.1

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Fuel Grade: 92#

Theoretical fuel consumption(L/h): 0.5-1.2