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72'' Steel Forklift Extensions | AGT-EX726

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Forklift fork extensions feature steel retaining straps to help prevent slippage. Welded steel construction provides strength and durability.


1. A fast and efficient way of handling lightweight loads of bulk. It is simple to install and uninstall.

2. The fork blade extensions are invaluable when it comes to loading or unloading material out of the back of pick-up trucks.

3. The fork extensions slide over fork blades and are locked onto fork blades by tightening the two bolts located on the back of each fork extension. 

4. They are further restrained by a heel pin, which fits behind the existing fork blades.

5. It's a very flexible and economical choice for the accompanying daily usage of forks.

6. Sold as a pair (2 pieces)

Product Description:

  • The quick and simple way to lengthen your forks.
  • Steel retaining strap to keep extensions in place.
  • High lifting capacity.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.

Pallet fork extensions provide you the extra support needed to lift long or large objects.

The loop style back keeps the fork firmly attached and installation requires no tools and is completed in seconds.

Technical Details:

Extended Length
1830mm /72.04"
Suitable For Fork Width
150mm / 5.90"
Minimum Applicable Fork Length
1220mm / 48.03"
64kg / 141.09